Saturday, 9 June 2012

Have you missed me...?

We have just come back from a week in Southport. My dad was born there and I'd never been and always wanted to and now I have ;-) We spend a day at the gorgeous Formby Point where the pic below was taken. It's back to the grindstone now with washing and ironing coming out of my ears. Need to get straight tomorrow as it's back to work on Monday...

This next one was taken at Southport beach...

The boys playing on the beach...


  1. So how come you found the sunshine??? :D

    Looks like you had a fab time - glad you enjoyed your half term

    Claire x

  2. Yup missed you, been quiet without you :-) Lovely photos xx

  3. Gorgeous photos - least I know who was hogging all the dry weather - least I have no ironing as it's been too wet to get owt dry 0:c) LOL!

  4. I live 40 mins from Southport and let me tell you.... it's not often it looks like this lol, hope you enjoyed your week

  5. Yes, I had missed you! So glad you had at least some decent weather - it was grim yesterday though! Fabulous photo's. xx