Sunday, 19 April 2009

I've been colouring in...

Here are my first ever coloured in stamped images (I don't own any of the stamps, cheated and bought ready stamped images from ebay). I bought the pens from ebay too, Whispers Strokes brush pens and I love them!!! My fave card is this girl and I'm going to give this card to my mum today as she is having a hard time on radiotheraphy.

I've used green ink on the white bits of the boy card and tried to make it look a bit scruffy.

I am going to add the word WOOF to the ribbon on this one!

Think I'm going to add some words to this one too, maybe relax or enjoy or something?

This one is very delicate. My OH thinks it all blurs together but I like it. I've added a tiny bit of glitter glue around the butterflies.


  1. Wow you've been busy - how do you come up with so many fantastic layout ideas!!!

    You're very brave cutting up those gorgeous papers

  2. They are just lovely..Love the dog one
    I carnt bare to cut in to mine they are still in the packet. How sad am I

  3. Beautiful cards Rainmac - I can't believe how many you've done! All the products that you've used are gorgeous, and I love how you've rounded the edges on some of your papers.

  4. gorgeous cards Sarah, you've been very busy I see! your colouring on the images is lovely, I have those whispers pens too, they're fab aren't they. My fave card above is the pink one with the little butterflies image. Hope your mum is feeling a bit better soon x

  5. love the bear stamp so cute! what colours do the whispers pens come in? sending hugs to yout mum x

  6. alee, I've got the Whispers pens in pastel and bright colours. the iamges above have all been coloured in with pastel colours.

  7. Your cards are lovely, especially love the second one down and the pink one :) xx

  8. Those cards are all fab you have inspired me to get the pastels whispers pens.I already have the bright set. I love colouring in, and tose papers are great.

  9. All your cars are gorgeous, Sarah, I love the colours that you use and the lovely papers too.

    Well done!