Monday, 22 June 2009

Craft Fair Panic

I worked out last night that I have 8 weeks till my craft fair so had a slight panic and then made a week by week plan of what I can do each week to get ready. It now looks more manageable! This week my tasks are:
1. order cellophane - done!
2. print journal jar prompts onto coloured paper
3. buy wrapping paper for wrapped loo rolls - done!
4. buy bits need for survival kits and make a label on the PC
5. put together favour boxes and tie with ribbons for box of hugs and make a label for these


  1. Well done for doing yourself a list, best way to de-panic yourself a bit and get organised.
    Sure I'll say it again closer to the time but good luck with it & make sure you get plenty of photos for us :)

  2. hi hun you dont have any teacher survival kits do you?

  3. Sorry Cathy I don't but plan to make one for my son's teacher. Got a list somewhere of items to add, let me know if you'd like a copy x