Saturday, 16 January 2010

Friday was a cooking day!!!

So I started Friday making some biscotti which is something I've always fancied trying to bake but just never gotten around to. We're having friends round for dinner on Saturday night and I'm making lasagne so thought biscotti would make a nice after dinner treat with a cup of coffee. I used a really easy recipe from the Good Food Magazine, the biscotti is flavoured with orange zest, chocolate chips and hazelnuts.
Next is my ragu sauce for the lasagne. I always think the taste improves if you make it the day before and make up the lasagne on the day (also saves time on the day too!!!). I use a recipe by Rachel Allen, very simple but oh so yummy. I am also making garlic bread (butter, parsley and loads of garlic smeared all over a baguette and baked in the oven).
Next is a carrot cake made using Debbie's wonderfully easy recipe. Do go and have a look at Debbie's blog, she is inspirational in so many ways!!! This is my finished cake...
And this is the cake after my boys got their mitts on it...
So tomorrow I need to make tomato bruschetta for starters, make up the lasagne and garlic bread, put together a creamy lemon dessert using limoncello - yum yum. Can't wait for dinner!!!


  1. Yummmmmmmy! Do you deliver? ;) My sort of food definitely. I'm participating in Debbies 52 recipes too but have yet to make the cake. Droool! It looks amazing!

  2. Oh my - that carrot cake looks divine xxx

  3. YUM YUM YUM!!! Sarah if I win the lottery tonight I would hire you as my personal chef. Everything you are doing sounds absoloutely divine. A piece of biscotti would go down a treat with the latte DH has just made :)

  4. looks great must try that carrot cake soon!

  5. Mmm that sounds soo yummy! Lemoncello is my favourite after discovering it in Rome x

  6. Ooo lovely - your biscotti looks fab!

    Poppy x

  7. Can you send me a piece of carrot cake pleeeease!? It looks yummy! I love the look of your blog as well, it looks fab rainy xx

  8. That looks yummy , you've done it now I'm off to make a cake ...........calories calories !!!lol
    thanks for the inspiration
    Hugs Susie xx