Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I am another year older!

As lots of you know, it was my birthday on Monday. Here are the beautiful handmade cards I received, most from my wonderful cyber friends, thank you so much, I was so touched and my living room looks just gorgeous with so many gorgeous cards, no two the same ;-)

So top row from the left - Padster aka Debbie; Marg aka Margaret; Ali; Bottom row: TheWife aka Jennie; Rusty aka Tams; The Messy Crafter aka Lesley x

Top row from left: Jan my next door neighbour; CT aka Caroline; Tomsmom aka Susan; Bottom row: Brenda my aunt; Addams aka Dawn; Doreen from Doreen's Dream x

From the left: Gemm (I haven't taken a pic of the bracelet Gem as I am wearing it!), Flourgirl aka Karen x

This beautiful set is from Tams, I love the box, it is a beautiful shape x

These items are from Karen, my boys LOVED their chocolate Karen and the decorated covers x

Some beautiful lace and ribbon from Jennie, images from Doreen, a wallet of images and pretty flowers from Ali and some diecut LOTV squares from Margaret, the soaps have already been unwrapped and in use as they smell so lovely. If you sent me some chocolate and it isn't pictured I have eaten it ;-)


  1. Wow! What lovely cards and pressies you have. Lots of talented great friends. Hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday. x

  2. all that chocolate! lol ... beautiful cards, hope you had a fab day x

  3. Wow you did well. Love that box that tams made!

  4. What a beautiful lot of cards,such a pity mines not shown,lol.its still sitting on my sideboard waiting for the d,,n snow and ice to go.
    You,ll get it eventually,I promise.

  5. Glad you received it ok. Lol - thought the postie had opened your parcel!!! Lots of lovelies there!! Big hugs xx

  6. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you ♪♫♫♪♫♫♫♪♪♪♫♫ and many more........

    Love all your cards they are just beautiful..
    Hugs Patricia

  7. So many cards and they are all so beautiful! Hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Crafty Creations by AJ

  8. WOW!! Lots of fabulous cards and gifts just for you, you deserve them all you lovely lady. Glad the boys enjoyed the chocolate, it saves them eating mummies lol xxx