Thursday, 22 October 2009

Craft Fair Things

These are Jingle Beans. I used plastic test tubes from ebay and added some dotty ribbon around the stopper. The beans are Jelly Belly beans. I have made 15 sets for the craft fair in November, not sure about price yet, need to work that out.
These are tubes of Snowman Poop (nicked idea from Sharon's fab blog). I used the same plastic test tubes as the Jingle Beans but this time added mint Tic Tacs and some red ribbon round the stopper. I made the label in Word using a freebie snowman image (from Dustin Pike blog I think?) and made him really tiny.
This is a Santa key. I've only recently heard about this idea and think it's adorable, especially as most people these days don't have chimneys!!! My keys are very large metal charms.
These little cuties are Elizabeth Shaw mints with a Christmas Greeting. Nice and simple! Not sure if I am going to sell these at the fair or give them away when someone buys from my stall.
Most of these ideas have been stolen from the fabulously talented Helen's blog. Please do go and check it out as it is brimming with fantastic ideas!!!
So quite a productive evening for me, need several more like that to get things done for the fair. Only 3 weeks away now and so much still to do!!!


  1. wow loads of fabulous stuff Sarah, I love your snowman poop and the little poems on the labels are fab :) xx

  2. wow! gorgeous tubes!! love them all!!

  3. did you use stamps for the word circles?

  4. Not stamps, a freebie font from, think it's called Ali Edwards.

  5. I love all the things you make Sarah, they're all gorgeous. I'm sure you'll do fantastically well at the fair, good luck!


  6. These all look really great and I'm sure they'll sell well (i've seen them on eBay for about £1 a tube if that helps). I can't wait to get started on my Jingle Beans now - I'm just waiting for my beans to be delivered! x

  7. Love the key, my girls keep oggling them in shops but some are really over-priced. Why did I not think to make one myself? Doh! Thanks for that ;)

  8. Sarah you have been so busy! All beautiful as per usual I am sure you will do really well at the craft fair xxx

  9. All your stuff is fab. I love these tubes, i would make some myself if i hadnt already made all my sweets for this year, so i shall have to make them next year.

    What do you use to get the big scalloped circles?

  10. I can't wait to see a picture of your craft fair stall, it's going to look amazing. Those chocolates are SO cute and I think when you run a stall, there are always beautiful little kids you want to take home with you.. resist and give them a choc!! :) Maybe you could make another side to them with your blog address on or something? xx

  11. Fiddle Farty Helen here......
    You've been soooooo busy, WOW!
    Can I nick your Santa's key poem? I managed to get a charm bracelet that had at least 20 assorted keys on about £1.99 (half price) in sale and I have had them on my craft table staring at me ..... saying "Santas Magic Key, Santas Magic Key" but I just couldn't get the idea right ..... but you've got me thinking ....

    Also can I nick you post it notes idea .... I remembered you blog when I was in BM Bargains and picked up some post it notes ..... do you put magnets on the back of them, or just hang them from bull dog clip?

    You and I think so alike when we are crafting!

    Oh yes another thing ..... I have been searching high and low for circular greetings, like what's on your mints .... so guess where I am hopping off to next .....

    Thanks again .....

  12. Sorry me again....

    Did you make the circles using font? I have been really trying to master the technique on Word 2007 - but every time I get ovals - not lovely circles to use with my punches, any advice????

  13. Helen, mine are a cheat, they are circle greetings from Craftwork Cards!!! I too would like to master circles ont he PC but the Craftwork Cards ones are a [erfect size and on lovely card x

  14. Woooo hoooo hooooo, guess which stall I will be visiting at NEC next week ...... craftwork cards here I come ........