Friday, 16 October 2009

Please help me find a name...

Sorry about the shadowy pics but you know I can't take decent photos ;-) These little lovelies arrived today by first class mail from the lovely Greenpixey. I asked Greenpixey if she would make me one of her fab bunnies for me to give to my friend's beautiful little girl Georgia for Christmas. Isn't she just gorgeous. The fab carrot was a complete surprise - naughty Greenpixey included him in my parcel too.
I need some help to name the bunny please. Please let me know if you can think of something festive that would suit this adorable rabbit x


  1. I am hopeless at thinking up of names but I wanted to say she is beautiful!

  2. aww these are so cute, how about Bauble the bunny ;) xx

  3. Names are really not my strong point but how about Bunches?

    How cute is she :c)

  4. Maybe you could make a verse on a tag and tie it to her neck or arm with pretty ribbon saying that she came from the north pole, in the swirly wirly gumdrop forest and she has come to live with Georgia so please can she name her and keep her safe.

    I love her so much!! The carrot is freaking adorable!!

  5. I like Bluebell. Think its suitable!!!!

  6. Oh how cute. Our rabbit is called charlie.

    I have to say I like the idea that pink lady mel has xx